Gather Journal Digital

The digital IMPERATIVE in publication

A James Beard Award–winning, print-focused publication with a devoted readership, Gather Journal has been building its name since its 2012 premiere in communities of food-lovers who believe in the staying power of its innovative recipes and admire its gorgeous design and photography.


As Mercury and Gather began working together to consider the magazine’s digital presence, they encountered some of digital publishing’s central questions: How does a publication expand its content offerings to enhance a reader’s experience without redundancy or devaluation? How does a brand that places a high value on its exquisitely constructed print product grow in the digital space?

Gather and Mercury worked together on an approach that made sense for the magazine’s mission and goals, and after months of collaboration the creative partners finally launched Gather Journal Digital. The first step was a beautifully updated website with tiered access for subscribers, now offering an elegant on-screen option for returning to or sharing magazine content.

Even more exciting for Gather, a magazine driven by its original recipe offerings, Mercury designed and built a recipe-specific app that syncs across all devices. Now readers can favorite a recipe on the computer, go shopping with an auto-generated shopping list (which includes exact needed quantities and measurements) on their mobile phone, then cook with the instructions displayed right in front of them on their iPad.

To allow for achievable updates without endlessly taxing the resources of the small Gather Journal staff, Mercury developed a groundbreaking plugin for Gather’s WordPress content management system, so all of the available content can be streamlined to publish across platforms without additional manual design work necessary.

The relationship between print and digital avoids copying all of the magazine’s content in a one-to-one fashion onto mobile device and into browsers. Instead, Gather Journal Digital supplements and complements the reader’s experience in print, serving the needs and habits of the Gather Journal reader, focusing on how content can perform on each given platform with distinct elegance, precision and purpose.


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