NARS Cosmetics

A creative partnership that expands in-house creative, e-commerce and marketing teams to produce immersive brand strategy and experiences.


A beauty industry pioneer, NARS strived to be a digital leader too. With the goal of increasing sales, boosting engagement and building immersive experiences, we were hired to extend their in-house capabilities. We devised agile campaign platforms and initiatives that integrated with their enterprise CMS, without extra work for their team.

Campaign Microsites

Seasonal product releases call for integrated campaigns with quick turnarounds. We produced a system that supported media rich content without extra development resources.</1>

Lean Workflow with High Impact
Using a WordPress backend that offered highly flexible layouts and feeds that spoke to the NARS enterprise system, we devised a creative and low-cost alternative to updating their Demandware site.
Quickshop to Increase Sales
Online conversions depend on seamless shopping. We built a quickshop on new campaign pages to extend shopability to the most engaging areas of the site.


Drag & Drop

Mercury designed and developed an interactive, drag and drop palette builder. The NARS Pro-Palette provided a seamless and engaging UX for building custom professional palettes online. The tool became an e-commerce powerhouse and the product is now a NARS staple worldwide.

Concealer Finder

We designed and developed a tool for a product launch that paired a customer’s skin tone and coverage preferences with one of the NARS concealers. The tool showcased shades, a before and after toggle, how-to videos and product benefits. Highly engaging, the tool became an evergreen destination for customer engagement and education.

In-Store Kiosk App

We designed and developed an in-store experience through an interactive kiosk display expanding on artist tips, new products, and how to get the look.