The Social Edge

Strategically informed digital design and development for a new tech company’s first consumer platform. Emerging companies need strong digital introductions.

The Social Edge merges social media expertise and technology to build healthy audiences for publisher and personal brands. TSE partnered with Mercury to position the brand for the release of its first public offering—its proprietary platform, Contempo. We strategized, designed and produced a comprehensive digital brand platform aimed at signing influencers and publishers.

Establish a win/win for targets

We introduced the new marketplace by speaking directly to influencers and publishers about the value proposition of connecting on Contempo.

Clear Features, Clear Value
During testing we asked users which features they loved most about the product. We highlighted them in a step-by-step introduction to the platform.
Publisher content on every page
Contempo’s rich network of publishers translates to diverse and relevant content for influencers to share. The site design incorporated content into every site page, by pulling in publisher stories to create background banners. These visual backdrops offer a sneak peak at available content.
Seamless Sign Up
Contempo’s original on-boarding process required multiple authentications that deterred first time users. We streamlined the process to allow users to start sharing Contempo content with one click.


Full service, user support
All tech companies need robust user support. We designed a system that allowed influencers to access TSE support 24/7 and get their questions answered on the spot.

A redesign with results

The Social Edge increased their traffic across the board after the redesigned site launched. They saw more returning visitors, increased page views and increased sessions. The redesign also halved TSE’s bounce rate. Visitors were more likely to stay engaged in the site and for longer periods of time.


Product design

After the initial design and development of the promotional website, we continued to work with The Social Edge in refining their product.


Naming the portal
TSE had been referring to their product internally as The Portal. For its consumer launch, they wanted a new name that would resonate with the product and potential users. Of the names we proposed, Contempo became the winner.
improved UX/UI
We produced a product UX/UI roadmap that allowed TSE to refine the product interface during a series of development sprints, incorporating coveted features within their timeline and budget.